Insurance Replacement Reports

Unfortunately, most properties (both prime residents and investments) are grossly underinsured. The good news for investors, property owners and body corporates is that TSL Pty Ltd offers insurance replacement assessment services.

This insurance replacement assessment provides a full construction cost estimate to rebuild to a similar standard should the property ever be lost to fire, flood, natural disaster, etc.

When calculating an insurance coverage figure for their property, most owners and/or investors do not take into account necessary services such as demolition, site clearance, rubbish removal, the reconnecting of utilities, escalation, etc. These services can often cost more than you realise, and many owners and/or investors who are in the unfortunate circumstance of making an insurance claim find the payout falls short of the funds required to reinstate their investment to a similar standard.

This financial pressure only aggravates what is already a stressful situation. At TSL Pty Ltd, insurance replacement assessment ensures that this does not occur.

More good news: TSL Pty Ltd offers an insurance replacement assessment for a nominal additional fee of $150.00 inc GST to investors who commission a tax depreciation schedule

TSL Pty Ltd is pleased to provide insurance replacement assessments for all residential homes, whether they are investments or a primary place of residence.

Although TSL Pty Ltd can prepare an insurance replacement assessment for your property at any time. For investment properties, it’s highly recommend that you request an insurance replacement assessment at the same time TSL Pty Ltd prepares your tax depreciation schedule.

The under-insured scenario detailed above also occurs in commercial properties. In this regard, TSL Pty Ltd can assist you with the preparation of an insurance replacement assessment for your commercial property. Our fees for this service will vary, depending on the size of the property, its purpose, etc. Please call our friendly staff on 1300 792 360 for a fixed fee quote.

The latest body corporate legislation in each state makes it compulsory for body corporates to update insurance replacement assessments for complexes every five years.

TSL Pty Ltd are specialists in body corporate insurance replacement assessments and are pleased to offer this service for a fixed fee of $990 inc. GST for residential complexes comprised of less than 10 units.

For residential complexes of 10 units or more, please contact our friendly staff on 1300 792 360 for a fixed fee quote.


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