Are you paying too much tax? Time for a tax depreciation report!

At TSL Pty Ltd, you will find a team of qualified quantity surveyors whose sole aim is to maximise your tax benefits.

It doesn’t matter the size of your property portfolio. Whether you are a ‘mum and dad investor’ or a multi-national corporation, you can feel confident knowing that your tax depreciation schedules will be correct and accurate and most importantly – saving you dollars.

Many people aren’t aware that the building and associated plant depreciate in value over time, allowing you to get significant tax relief.

The ATO has developed a number of rulings, formulas, percentages, specific dates and types of items that affect the production of an accurate depreciation schedule. At TSL Pty Ltd we work to the ATO guidelines. We are constantly in contact with the ATO and give advice on proposed rulings.

Tax depreciation schedules are simply documents that lists all your investment’s various items, the amount of wear left in them (effective life) and the dollar value you can claim against your assessable income. You can:

  • Save on taxes
  • Increase your refund
  • Get a better profile of your investment

While it sounds simple, without any in depth understanding of the governing rules and regulations it is anything but easy. The problems really start when you have to sift through the myriad of dates, laws, percentage rates and values of all these items. The depreciation formula doesn’t end there. Complicated? Absolutely!

Did you know that the actual cost of placing one brick on another during the building operation has a value that’s depreciable? Most of the building and its labour components are depreciable. To gain the full financial benefits, it is crucial that you have an in depth knowledge of the construction process. It is for that reason that accountants, solicitors, real estate agents and valuers are not appropriately qualified to produce complete tax depreciation schedules.

A professional quantity surveyor is more than qualified for the job. TSL Pty Ltd has extensive experience, expertise and dedication, ensuring that you receive everything you are entitled to.

  • Full detailed and accurate service
  • Fixed fee
  • No hidden extra costs

Speak to us today and you will find our team of qualified quantity surveyors keen to explain exactly what you will be getting.

You can also access this online quote for a more precise estimate in your area and book your schedule online.

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TSL Pty Ltd schedules include:

  • Approximately 16 page bound report
  • Photographs of building and plant
  • Indicative floor plan
  • Sketch plans drawn on AutoCAD where required
  • All historical research required
  • Both prime cost and diminishing values used
  • Breakdown of plant and articles
  • Backdated reports to date of purchase (although can only claim previous 2 years)
  • Up to 40 Year schedules prepared by fully qualified quantity surveyors and certified by an Associate Member of the AIQS
  • Full property inspection
  • Fixed fee with no up front payments
  • Low value pooling
  • Professional and personal service
  • Book Your Tax Depreciation Schedule with Full On-Site Inspection here.

What Will It Cost

Depending on your location, size and complexity of task, costs may vary. Fixed fee (no additional costs) for listed areas – $540 inclusive of GST. You can reduce your cost be $25.00 and take up the ‘special offer’ by requesting an emailed PDF only, and not a bound hard copy. Fees and charges include:

  • No payment upfront – you receive invoice with completed tax depreciation schedule/s
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Payment terms strictly 7 days
  • 100% money back guarantee

‘If we can’t find you at least double your fee in depreciation in the first full claimable year, your report is …. FREE’

That’s right – It won’t cost you a cent, because our experience has clearly demonstrated that clients more than doubled their tax savings with our Tax Depreciation Schedules. You can find us in Victoria, New South Wales and Queens Land.


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