Get A Comprehensive Tax Depreciation Report On Your Sydney Property By TSL Pty Ltd

TSL Pty Ltd is proud to offer outstanding service and competitive fixed rates to clients in need of tax depreciation schedules for their Sydney investment properties.

We offer investors and landlords a complete report that is easy to interpret. Instead of a two page list, you’ll get a report of approximately sixteen pages detailing every single element that has been inspected. Because our team of professional quantity surveyors have a deep knowledge of construction processes and depreciable elements, they know just what it takes to save you as much money as possible come tax time. Your surveyor will also be available to answer any questions you may have, about any detail of your report.

Protecting Your Investment

Tax depreciation schedules are the key to getting the most out of your investment property or portfolio of properties. Especially given the current state of the rental market in both residential and commercial sectors, it’s important to claim legitimate losses against your tax wherever possible. Even if you’re one of the many owners already relying on negative gearing to break even or make a profit, a comprehensive tax depreciation report on your Sydney property could make a huge difference. In fact, we guarantee that in your first full claimable year, we’ll find you at least double in savings what we charge for the report – or you get your report for free.

To find out more on how TSL Pty Ltd can provide you with a superior tax depreciation report in Sydney, call us now on 1300 792 360.


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